Customer Case Studies

CORRIDOR is implemented in facilities throughout the industry, tailored to meet each individual facility's service process challenges. Take a look at our case studies and discover how automation with CORRIDOR Software delivered real results to these companies.

Business Jet Access

Business Jet Access maintains a commitment to excellence and recognizes the benefits inherent in software automation. They were looking for a software solution to streamline processes and help maintain the highest level of service for their customers. Their current software system had proven insufficient, with data integrity issues and poor support from the software provider. Sensitive to the failings of their current system and with a more critical eye, Business Jet Access began looking for a replacement system that would provide true data integrity, efficiency improvements throughout their business, accounting integration, purchasing control, and a provider with a strong support staff whose training and implementation would ensure a smooth transition to the new system. Switching to CORRIDOR Software proved to be the right move for Business Jet Access.

Western Aircraft

In 2003, Western Aircraft began looking to streamline their operations through software automation. While looking at their processes, Western focused on finding a software solution that would provide process improvements in several key areas, from line service tracking to work order, sales order and rotable management to quoting & billing control, and accounting integration. CORRIDOR proved an effective solution.

Eclipse Aerospace

To ensure Eclipse's authorized service centers would successfully provide superior service, they needed to streamline the entire service process from customer quoting through service performed to timely closure of each job, all while maintaining accurate inventory and tracking aircraft compliance. Eclipse was looking to automate their service process, and they needed rapid implementation with a minimal training curve. Discover how CORRIDOR delivered real results for Eclipse

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