Streamline Your Business

Managed Workflow for Business Optimization

CORRIDOR streamlines all aspects of aviation maintenance and service, working with your processes to refine and optimize your business. Capitalize on every opportunity and accelerate revenue growth with complete end-to-end workflow management.

Throughout the process, CORRIDOR manages inventory and supply chain functions, with integration to your desired accounting package, maintaining real-time traceability and compliance from quote to invoice.

Aviation Maintenance Inventory and Supply Chain Management
Track all materials cradle-to-grave. Manage procurement, and coordinate movement of parts.

Aviation Maintenance Accounting Integration
Create accounting transactions for third-party accounting software integration.

Aviation Maintenance Regulatory Compliance
Maintain aircraft configuration and scheduled maintenance event records.

For more details on these and all integrated modules, go to Build Your Solution to begin tailoring CORRIDOR for your business.

Benefits of automation with CORRIDOR:

Improved Efficiency

CORRIDOR impacts efficiency throughout each organization by reducing redundancy, eliminating manual efforts and intelligently funneling data through the system.

Revenue Growth

Managed workflow, planning & scheduling tools, and valuable reporting support captialization on every opportunity and accelerated revenue growth.

Error Reduction

Utilization of canned squawks, WorkPaks, and templates minimizes data entry and reduces number of errors.

Increased Control

CORRIDOR tracks all data from labor to inventory, and provides complete histories and reporting in real-time.

Increased Visibility

Accurate, detailed operational data is available to review in real time, providing an invaluable management resource to identify opportunities to fine-tune performance.

Reduced Costs

Reduced labor efforts and accurate tracking provide myriad opportunities for cost savings.

Elevated Service Levels

As processes are automated, and people and resources are enabled to deliver the highest levels of direct service.

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How does CORRIDOR do it?

A Flexible Modular Design

CORRIDOR's base package integrates with elective process modules for a tailored solution.

Real-Time Operation

CORRIDOR handles business functions and operations in real time.

Aviation Specific Development

CORRIDOR was developed by aviation professionals specifically for aviation service providers.

A Comprehensive Solution

From quoting through work performed to invoicing, CORRIDOR covers the complete aviation service process.


CORRIDOR is compatible with numerous third-party software systems, including those for accounting and maintenance records integration. Learn more about integrations.

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